Carrara and the marble quarries

Carrara and the marble quarries. If you are looking for something unique and exclusive, the Apuan Alps, with their immense marble field, and in particular Carrara with its marble antique, are the goal for you.

“What are those mountains?” I asked, very curious, almost frightened. “They are the Apuan Alps” was explained to me. You will admire a long, unusual spectacle that made me think, not so because of the creation of the world: still shaped shapes that emerged from an infinite void, the color of the fire. » (wikipedia)

The mining activity dates back to the second century AD. B.C. And it was enhanced by the Romans, who used the “lunaste” marble widely to build villas and monuments. For over 2,000 years here, man’s nature and work embrace every day to provide raw material for architectural and artistic works around the world.

At the museum hollow you will know the history of the marble, its traditions and the life of the cavemen. You can also see how it is selected and cut. Here Michelangelo chose marble for his famous works.

In addition to the visit to the marble quarries and its museums, you can dive into the nature of the Apuan Alps and visit some of the lakes in the area, such as Lake Isola Santa, Lake Gramolazzo, bathing lake and Lake Vagli, famous for its Submerged country.

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Tuscany has been built as a masterpiece by refined people many of whom commissioned work of arts to the most talented painters and sculptors famous worldwide. This typical behaviour can be found in paintings depicting the countryside and the architecture of the houses. (Henri Desplanques)

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