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Chianti: discovering wine in Tuscany

by HTNCC - 11 January 2020

Italy is rich in both grapes and wine, thanks also to the strong vocation of its territory for viticulture. The Tuscany region has numerous wine-growing areas. One of the most famous is the Chianti wine region which is located between Florence and Siena, in a hilly landscape with unique characteristics. Numerous plantations of vineyards and […]

Bolgheri wine, on the Etruscan coast up to Maremma

by HTNCC - 21 April 2018

Bolgheri is a town located on the Tuscan coast just to the south of Livorno. It is known mainly for deeply colored red wines, usually based on the Bordeaux grape varieties. The winemaking zone features sloping coastal vineyards close to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The area had a little reputation for wine production, in contrast to […]

Discover Tuscan Flavors with Limousine Service

by HTNCC - 30 March 2018

Limousine Service | Discover Tuscan Flavors | You can traveler into beautiful places to taste the wine produced in this exceptional region. If you are a food lover you can spend a few days visiting local farms specialized in the production of pecorino cheese, wine and grappa, extra-virgin olive oil, honey and much more. If you wish […]

Tuscany has been built as a masterpiece by refined people many of whom commissioned work of arts to the most talented painters and sculptors famous worldwide. This typical behaviour can be found in paintings depicting the countryside and the architecture of the houses. (Henri Desplanques)

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